Frankie Galland is a fine art, portrait, and lifestyle photographer. First published in Slap skateboard magazine, he went on to become a regular contributor for Transworld Skateboarding and Skateboarder Magazine and was photo editor for the art, culture, and skateboard magazine, Strength. After getting booted out of one too many school yards while skating and endlessiy carting skateboarders from spot to spot he decided to hang up his fisheye lens and focus on fine art and portrait photography. Nowadays not far removed from the skate community he has a passion for documenting the unordinary from the street to the forest, to the composed portrait in the studio and everywhere else his camera takes him. Currently based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn he is collaborating with art, media, news, and cultural outlets to satisfy his thirst for procuring beauty in the world surrounding us.

Portrait by  Mavi Phillips

Portrait by Mavi Phillips